Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

JE # 10
Describe a time you had to hid because you were afraid or playing.
      Explain in 1 paragrah.

Introduced new member of our class, Caitlyn Hayes from Serve Rhode Island.


Europe during the 1930's
     *Countries included:  Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Sweden, etc. (list is not complete)
      *Russia, Germany, Great Britain= => important countries during this time because of land mass size and/or power
      *Russia and Germany in particular were exerting their power to control large parts of Europe

Looking for more information about Europe before WW II? Click here! 
If you find any interesting facts, please let us know!!

Pack Your Bags Activity
Make a list of the items that you would pack in a backpack if you needed to leave your home for an indefinate period of time.  Which is the most important?  If they will not all fit inside a backpack cross off the ones you would leave behind.




Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012

Journal Entry # 9 
Describe  the last time you stood up to defend  or protect someone who needed your help.   Explain in 1 paragraph.


Journal Share Out
        Thanks to these students for sharing their thinking:
             Laura           Michael              Muktar              Adreanna                 Aiden
             Milton          Natalie                Juan                  Elfeda                      Damien

Review of 4th Quarter
Main Theme?   Perseverence
Focus Questions for Q4: 
     ~How do you find strenth with and keep from giving up?
     ~Why do people risk their lives for others?
     ~How does a significant event affect personal growth?

Anne Frank
Who was she?
    lived in war time                        died in a gas chamber                       
    lived in atticn                            wrote a journal

We are currently involved in two wars
  Iraq and Afganistan

We have had two World Wars.   
World War I                                                                               World War II
1914-1918                                         1929-1937                       1939-1945
 limited US involvement                         $$$$                               1941-1945  USA entered the war
                                                                                                    Hitler & Nazis killed many people
                                                                                                                           thought they were                                                                                                                                 "best/most important

Words that will play a role in our coming conversations.

         prejudice    vs       discrimination                                                                                              

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012

JE # 8

What are your goals for next year?   Think high school.   Explain 1 paragraph.

Recitations of Two Roads

New Assignment: 
     Write a parody of Two Roads with the focus on high school
      10-12 lines
       examples of starting lines:
                               Two roads diverged in Providence ...
                               Two roads diverged in the halls of Hope High ...
                                Two halls split apart in Mt. Pleasant . . .
      Due on Wed., May 01
      Valued at 2 test grades

What are some of the strategies we use when memorizing lyrics or poems?

Reflect and Respond
pg 757 in our anthology

What do the spirals in the womand and in the path suggest?

The spirals suggest . . . .

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

JE #7                                        

In what ways do tough times make you stronger?  
                                     Explain/give examples.  (1 paragraph)                                   

First opportunity to recite The Road Not Taken
        one student completed his recitation
Perserverence:  what is it?   the action/ability to stick to a task; to keep pushing on even though times are tough or obstacles are in your way of success.

Survive  vs    Thrive  .  .  .   what is the difference?

What enables some people to not only survive but to thrive?  despite having terrible things happen in their lives? 

April 24, 2012

JE #6

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012


    If you were blind and deaf, what would matter most to you?  Explain in 1 paragraph.

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012  .  .   .  Friday the 13th

Can't find your copy of The Road Not Taken?  click on the link on the right (in the Pages box).

JE #4

     Spring Break Plans
     Who is the kindest person you know?  Why do you think so?   Give an example of this person's
Journal Share Outs!!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings!
Jordan       Adreanna      Alec       Janece           Laura          Eric          Myranda       Damien

Topics shared today included:
Spring Break
Kindest Person I Know
How do I keep myself from giving up
Friend who became an enemy

The Road Not Taken
    What's it about??   student -  choices you make in life and if they are the right one for you.
    One solo read through by a student, followed by a choral read (everyone together).

Literature Circle
Mr. Green modelled pieces of a literature circle using student work from another class.
Many students were out today and/or not ready to present their literature circle presentations. 
If you want to earn a grade for this assignment (remember that it is work 2 test grades) plan on staying after school on the Monday we come back from April vacation (4/23/2012). 

Wrapping Up the novel - Anthony Burns
Mr. Green summarized the second half of the novel.  We also discussed the reasons behind why run away slaves were put on display, branded, sold frequently, treated as defective goods.  Also, that St. Catherines in Canada was not just a random place that run away slaves travelled to, there was a Revolutionary War connection.  Slaves freed because they fought for the British moved up to Canada and settled in St. Catherines. 

Don't forget the assignments that are due when we come back from:
     Monday, April 23:  Essay on a time you had to persevere.
     Monday, April 23:  People who want to earn a grade for their literature circle assignments, plan to
          stay after school to present.
     Wednesday, April 25:  Oral  recitations of The Road Not Taken.     Keep Practicing!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012

JE #3
Did you ever have a good friend who later became an enemy, or vice versa? 
                                                                                        Explain in at least 1 paragraph.

Big Ideas from class today:

Prose-written in sentences and paragraphs
Poetry-written in phrases or lines

Take a look at The Road Not Taken. 
Where are the punctuation marks?
Read chorally using the punctuation as pause markers.

Literature Circle Project

Anthony Burns
This project is work two test grades. 

Model Chapter 1

Anthony is approached by several men on his way home from work.

The story begins with Anthony on his way home from work.  Some marshals approach him and tell him that a store has been robbed by someone that looks like him.  Anthony knows that he did not steal anything so he thinks that he will not have any major problems.  He is tricked because they arrest him, not for stealing, but so that his "owner" from Virginia can identify him.

April 11, 2012

JE #2
Do you make friends easily; why or why not?
                                                Explain in at least 1 paragraph.

Class practice of The Road Not Taken

Reading Buddies  For Literature Circle
      Students chose whether to read with a buddy or solo.
      Working towards finishing Anothy Burns through the use of literature circle format.

    Laura/Alec  Chapters 15-16
    Michael/Eric  Ch 11-12
    Milton/Muktar  ch 13-14
    Miranda/Natalie  ch16-17
    Aiden/Adreana  bch 19-20
    Josue/Damien  Epilogue    afterward
    Jordan ch 10
  not in class today-Thomas, Elfreda, Eddy

Each student or buddy pair will prepare the following (to be presented in class on Friday, April 13): 

 Sequence of Events-capture the big ideas of your chapters

Bridge Builder-connection to texts

One paragraph summary


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 10, 2012

Survey today !!  No regular classwork.
April 09, 2012

JE #1   Also the focus question for 4th quarter!!
How do you keep from giving up? 

Upcoming Due Dates:
Monday, April 23, 2012
       Essay-  Talk about a time when you had to persevere through a problem, situation or opportunity.

click here for a look at the word persevere and what it means