Friday, June 1, 2012

June 01, 2012 JE #27

JE #27
What qualities do you look for in friends?  
                       Explain in 1 paragraph.
                                          why are these qualities important?    do all your friends share the same qualities?
                                           if someone does not have one of these qualities, are they automatically
                                                          disqualified as a friend?

Class Activities:

Share Out of Journal Writing
Way to go:  A, A, M, J, Mr. G, J, D, E, M, E, T, J, N!!

To fill in background info about Emmett Till we will watch a video about him.

Emmett Till travels to Money, Mississippi for summer vacation.
Emmett's mom  described him as a happy child
Cousins went south together during vacation.
Emmett ran ahead.  Mom made him come back to give her a kiss goodbye.
She said, "How do I know I will ever see you again?" 

Emmett was taken from a family member's home at night after whistling at a white women.
3 days later his badly beaten body is found in the river bound in barbed wire and weighted down.
The sheriff tried to bury the body immediately.
Mayor Daly stops the burial but when the body was sent North the funeral director was told not to open the coffin.
Momma demanded the coffin to be open.
She discovers that he was mutilated.
Momma let others see what had been done to Emmett.
Many people came to the funeral and viewed the body.

The Trial
Many groups/organizations called for a fair and public trial of the two men arrested for Emmett's death.
There were threats made against Emmett's mom, grandmother, family as the trial moved forward.
Sherrif claimed that there would be a fair and impartial trial.
Collection jars were around

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