Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Wrapping up our discussions/reading of Mississippi Trial, 1955
Chapter 4-8
   Hiram goes back to Greenwood.  His grandpa is not well.  He meets Emmett (Bobo) Till.  Meets up with RC again.  RC has continued to get worse-meaner, dropped out of school.  Bullies the Remington brothers.  Emmett and Hiram meet up at the river.  RC takes offense that Emmett wants Hiram's left over lunch.  Beats him up/threatens him and then pushes fish guts in his mouth.

   Chapter 9
Hiram tells grandpa about what happened at the river.  Grandpa basically says that "that boy" should have known his place-he got what he deserved.  
RC tells Hiram that he has been asked to help Bryant and Milam go "talk" to an uppity black boy who was disrespectful to a white woman.  Hiram calls the sheriff and tells him what RC told him.  The sheriff thinks that RC won't really do anything terrible. 

Emmett turns up missing.  Hiram is worried that RC is involved with something worse than talking.

Emmett's body turns up in the river.  Hiram is subpoenaed to attend the trial.  The two white men are acquitted despite evidence that points to them being involved in the kidnapping and death of Emmett.

Read Chapter 16.
    RC shows up one night.  Says that he has been out of town working.  Tonight he will leave again-he just had a huge fight with his father-beat him up when his father started being abusive.  RC tells Hiram that he had nothing to do with Emmett's death. 

   Grandpa sells his truck and Hiram doesn't understand why.  Then he runs into

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